1954 Vandalism at St. Joseph Cemetery, Niagara Falls

The following article was found in the Niagara Falls Gazette on 20 July 1954:1

3 Vandalism Acts Probed by Police
Three cases of vandalism, one of them at a cemetery, were under police investigation today.
Police Supt. Charles J. Gorman said he has received a complaint about the destruction of vases and urns and damage to a mausoleum at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Pine avenue.
Chief Gorman stated he has been informed that persons have been discharging rifles at the cemetery.
Shortly after midnight, Patrolman Forrest Dennison said he was sent to 1331 Linwood Ave. where he found a bottle of oil had been hurled through a window in the home of M. Alec MacMulchy.
A neighbor said she saw a man throw a bottle and then flee in a car.
Last evening, Edward Elswood, 437 81st St., complained that an unidentified man had thrown a bottle of black paint against the front of his house.

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