Eddy Memorial in Hartland Central Cemetery

The Eddy Memorial chapel was erected in 1914 in Hartland Central Cemetery in honor of George Eddy. You can find his Find a Grave memorial at: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/129695356/george-w-eddy

Here is a news article about the dedication of the chapel:1

Article transcription:


To Hartland Cemetery Association. — Cost About $6,000.

Mrs. Dora L. Eddy, of Middleport, who is well known in Medina, has erected and presented to the Hartland Cemetery Association a beautiful memorial chapel in the cemetery grounds on the Ridge, west of Johnson’s Creek. This cemetery is also known as Skeeles.

The memorial chapel is of beautiful and attractive design, with large room for religious services and vaults for the temporary deposit of remains, and is built of Medina sandstone; Mr. Frank Mallison, of this village, was the contractor, and the cost was about $6,000.

The formal transfer of the completed chapel was made by Mrs. Eddy at the cemetery Saturday afternoon, and was accepted by the trustees. The appended communications embody the gift and its acceptance:

To Hartland Central Cemetery Association, of the Town of Hartland, Niagara County, New ork:Y [sic]

I, Dora, L. Eddy, of Middleport, Niagara County, New York, in memory of my late husband, George W. Eddy, deceased, do hereby dedicate to you forever the Memorial Chapel recently erected by me with your kind consent upon your cemetery grounds in the Town of Hartland, Niagara Counyy [sic], New York, for the following purposes and upon the following conditions only, namely: —

Said chapel shall forever be known as the “George W. Eddy Memorial Chapel,” and shall be used for religious serves and burial services and Association meeting purposes only, and for the temporary deposit in the vaults thereof of deceased human bodies pending permanent interment, and no body shall be permanently kept therein.

You shall forever maintain said Chapel and use the same for the purposes aforesaid only.

Upon legal formal acceptance hereof by you and the engrossment hereof and of your resolution of acceptance hereof upon your minutes, this dedication shall become complete.

Respectfully submitted this 22nd day of May, A. D. 1915,


Acceptance by Hartland Cemetery Association of the “George W. Eddy Memorial Chapel.”

Whereas, Mrs. Dora L. Eddy has erected in loving memory of George W. Eddy, her late husband, a beautiful and costly Memorial Chapel upon the cemetery grounds of this Association and has dedicated the same to and placed the same in the perpetual charge of this Association for use, care and maintenance, for the purposes and under the conditions set forth in her written dedication thereof, dated Mar 22nd, 1915;

Now, therefore, be it resolved, that this Association gratefully accepts said Chapel and pledges itself to forever maintain treat and use same in the manner prescribed by the donor;

Be it further resolved, that, as further fitting evidence of our appreciation, this Association hereby pledges itself to forever hereafter give perpetual care to the several burial lots in said cemetery in which the remains of said George W. Eddy and of Edward Seaman and Appollos Goutremout now severally repose:

Be it further resolved, that this Association extends its warmest thanks to Mrs. Eddy for the magnificent building that adds so greatly to the beauty and impressiveness of its cemetery; and

Be it finally resolved, that said dedication document and this resolution be fully engrossed upon the minutes of this Association for perpetual preservation, and that a copy of this resolution, duly certified by the presiding officer and secretary of this Association, be delivered to Mrs. Eddy.

Dated at the said Cemetery this 22nd day of May, A. D. 1915.

  1. “Mrs. Eddy Presents Memorial Chapel,” The Daily Journal (Medina NY), 29 May 1915, p. , col. 2; digital images, Old Fulton New York Post Cards (https://www.fultonhistory.com : 18 August 2022), Historical Newspapers United States and Canada: Medina NY Daily Register Journal 1914-1915 – 0869.pdf.

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