Cobblehurst Adjacent to the Orthodox Friends Cemetery, Hartland

The following news clipping was found at the Niagara County Historian’s Office:1



This photo, submitted by Hartland Historical Society member Kathy Curry, shows the west side of Cobblehurst, one of Harland’s several cobblestone homes. Constructed in 1818 by the Quaker Society of Friends, the building served as the first meeting house of the group. The Orthodox Friends Cemetery, adjacent to Cobblehurst, was begun by the Society of Friends in 1822. Cobblehurst is located at 8856 Ridge Road.

The picture above are shared with permission pending credit given to the Niagara County Historian’s Office. Learn more about the Niagara County Historian’s Office at:

  1. “Cobblehurst,” unknown newspaper, handwritten date of 19 July 2000; Niagara County Historian’s Office, Orthodox Cemetery folder.

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