Huskey Cemetery News Article 1983, Royalton

The Niagara County Historian’s Office contains many books and vertical files on each of the cemeteries located in Niagara County. One of the items found within the Huskey Cemetery folder is the below news article from the Lockport Union Sun and Journal on 6 July 1983.

Shared with permission pending credit given to the Niagara County Historian’s Office.

Article transcription:

Huskey Cemetary [sic]
ROYALTON – Where is the Huskey Cemetary? That’s the question that people have been asking for nearly 100 years.
The cemetary is located on route 77 a few miles eat of Bells Plaza, adjacent to the present Chestnut Ridge Cemetary. For the past century however, passers-by seemed to think that the Chestnut Ridge and the Huskey Cemetary were all one entity.
Many years ago, there was only one cemetary, started by two friends. They called it the Chestnut Ridge Cemetary. One day a misunderstanding arose, and one of the two men, whose last name happened to be Huskey, claimed a certain section of the cemetary for his own.
He built a stone wall with a rod iron in front of his space of land to show where the boundary line was. He called his portion of land Huskey Cemetary and it has been maintained like that ever since.
The Huskey Cemetary has recently expanded again, buying property to the north, in a quest to maintain its independence from the adjacent burial grounds.
Also, election of officers at the annual lot owners meeting, were held recently. Elected were: David Brimmer, president; Frank Coval, vice president; and Donald Day, secretary-treasurer and owner of the Huskey Cemetary.
Trustees elected include; Wayne Ranney Sr., Fred Brimmer, Tom Keys and Wayne Ranney Jr.

[Under the photo]
HUSKEY CEMETARY – Donald A. Day (left), secretary-treasurer and David L. Brimmer (right) of the Lot Owners Association, look over newly renovated Huskey Cemetary.

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