St. Jacobi/St. James Cemetery (Wheatfield, NY)

St. Jacobi/St. James Cemetery

St. Jacobi/St. James Cemetery is located in Bergholz (which is a hamlet of Wheatfield). The cemetery is connected with the St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church located at 2437 Niagara Rd., Niagara Falls. The church and cemetery appear to have three different names of which two are correct. To explain the confusion, the church included the following explanation on their website:

“A serious error was committed in the process of translation from the German language into English. The English translation of St. Jacobi is St. James, and not St. Jacob, as it was erroneously recorded by personnel in the County Clerk’s Office in Lockport, NY. This error was finally caught, and in 1950, when the church constitution was revised, the name was officially changed to St. James Evangelical Lutheran Church of Berholz.”1

Though St. Jacob is not one of the three correct names for the cemetery, however you may come across it in obituaries such as this one:

If you have family buried in this cemetery, you may wish to contact the Das Haus Museum to see if they have any more information.

Find a Grave:

1887 Orangeport Cemetery Map, Royalton

The following digitized map was found on Info Quick Solutions, Inc. (IQS) is a site that the Niagara County Clerk…


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