St. Peter’s Cemetery (North Tonawanda, NY)

St. Peter’s Cemetery aka St. Peter’s Lutheran Cemetery

St. Peter’s Cemetery appears to be abandoned and has no sign by the road naming it. Half of the cemetery seems to be mowed and kept up as the backyard of the textiles and housewares business: Abou Dewan & Hanna Co Inc. The other half is of the cemetery is not as well-kept. Headstones have fallen over and others are being enveloped by the ground.

The cemetery was connected to the St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church (located at Thompson & Bryant streets, North Tonawanda) which has since closed. Newspaper articles and the inscriptions in the cemetery show that the congregation was of German descent. FamilySearch does not have any church records listed for this church in the catalog for North Tonawanda.

You might find this cemetery mis-named in the various versions of the Niagara County Cemeteries book put together by the Niagara County Historian’s Office. They accidentally have the cemetery listed as “St. Paul’s” instead of “St. Peter’s.”

A stone reading was recorded by Donald R. Jerge in April 1983 and can be found at the Niagara County Genealogical Society’s library. The one-page document also misattributes the cemetery’s name as “St. Paul” instead of “St. Peter.” The notes at the top of the document stated that, at the time, the cemetery was very well-kept as part of the Niagara Cutter, Inc. property. Jerge’s stone reading includes a list of twenty-four stones though he stated at the top that there were twenty-eight to thirty stones located within the cemetery.

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